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Dude seriously this is such a fucking good song, this is just clearly something you've had brewing for a long time, the vocals are really powerful, the melody and the harmony are incredible in themselves and they're really brought together by the arrangement, so dope.

Now I'm dying to get some drums in here, or like an electric guitar, or a fucking harpsichord, or 16 broken down old DX-7's who the fuck cares just bring it all in, I just get the urge to throw whatever instrument I can at this song and see what sticks because it just inspires me to make music.

Troisnyx responds:

I'd be glad for us to talk about this more, if you'd like. Shall we take this to PMs / Discord?

Ok so what I'm hearing is cool, but where I get confused is when it doesn't go anywhere. It might just be one of those songs where you stand like a zombie on the dancefloor and don't question the lacking variety in musical ideas, and then you have to pardon my lack of perspective, but I just feel like I had to say something when your build-up and climax excited me enough to be disappointed when I found out it wasn't leading up to anything cooler, or even something different really. Feel free to disregard if I sound like an old jazz musician trying to wrap his head around modern dance music.

yelldow responds:

I totally understand. This is something I have trouble with often in my music; repetitiveness is one of the most common criticisms I get. I'll definitely try for more variety within songs if I can. Thank you!

pretty cool guy

You definitely need to look over the mixing and slap some eq on to get rid of some of the lower frequencies, they're really overwhelming right now and they make the sound very unclear.

And give your song a damn title, it's a good song it deserves some more love.

Yoshiii343 responds:

that lower freq excess is from the drums, im guessing? i could probably roll them off a bit

as for the title, i can't think of one that isn't overly emo lol

i swear if i see another artist running around with their overblown humility im gonna flip

good song

ade-syndicate responds:

Thank you! ­čą║

"The outstanding lack of skill in playing the instrument represents a child's perception of what a young person who has just graduated from school plans or wants to achieve..."

im gonna use this to talk about every single one of my compositions in the future thanks man owe you one

I'll second the other comment, harmonically it's that kind of mess where I can't really tell whether or not it's intentional as some sort of subversion but in any case it doesn't work. Now it's not exactly a disaster, but some stuff still needs to change harmonically for this to work.

Other than that I like the sound of the instruments, combined with the rhythm and sound of the drums it creates a cool sound that I enjoy, sort of mysterious and dramatic but still kind of laid-back, reminds me of the exploration music from the first Danganronpa.

I feel like this could be really cool.

SodatheJunker responds:

I assure you, it wasn't nearly as intentional as I wish it was hahaha

I think it's that mysterious, laid back part that I may have tasted as well at the time. I had a bad habit back then with not understanding "silence" in all of it's value. The whole "it's not video game music unless it has some kind of cute melody, right?" idea. I grew out of it, thank god, but I also think it led me down a path of appreciating how exactly sounds do layer and work together.

I appreciate the comment, I'm really glad you shared it. You're much nicer to the song than I am, and I'm warning you now I'll probably post a few even worse songs before this years end. But it's also been pretty fun to reminisce over some of these tracks.

the sidechain took the lead and drowned it in his bathtub for a bit there but great song

this song bops and bounces in many ways actually

why did you make this you stupid guy?

SmallArmsMusic responds:

Axident sozlol

Hey what's up 5 people reading this?
I make broken games and stupid music and a bunch of other stuff sitting on my hard drive until it dies
I'm here to post 2 things and then leave for a year

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